Need a versatile printer to fulfill your multi-purpose tagging needs? Print tags for virtually any item ranging from apparels, accessories, to baggage tags and admission tickets. With the printing capability of tags up to 0.28mm or 0.011” thickness, tagging and labeling opportunities with the DR3 are endless.

The DR3 is suitable for Retail, Hospitality & Entertainment, Transportation and Logistics and Government Industries (E.g. Postal Services)

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Specs :


  • Stand-alone printing solution using keypad
  • Varied type of sensor including jump-hole sensor to skip the connection portion of media between rolls

Applications :


    Commonly used for :
  • Label and tag price marking & markdown
  • Baggage tagging
  • Ticketing
  • Apparel tagging

Accessories :


  • Cutter
  • Stacker
  • External rewinder
  • Dispenser
  • Calendar IC

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