Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a generic term that is used to describe a system that transmits the identity (in the form of a unique serial number) of an object or person wirelessly, using radio waves. It's grouped under the broad category of automatic identification technologies. Auto-ID technologies include bar codes, optical character readers and some biometric technologies, such as retinal scans. The auto-ID technologies have been used to reduce the amount of time and labor needed to input data manually and to improve data accuracy. Some auto-ID technologies, such as bar code systems, often require a person to manually scan a label or tag to capture the data. RFID is designed to enable readers to capture data on tags and transmit it to a computer system—without needing a person to be involved.
Alien ALR9900+

  • Alien Reader Protocol or LLRP
  • Smart reader/autonomous mode
  • Alien Reader Control Architecture and Ruby
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Motorola AN200 RFID Antenna

  • Motorola AN200 RFID Antenna (Outdoor, Left) For The Ar400 and Xr400
  • Brand Motorola
  • Model AN200
  • Polarization Left Circular
  • Gain 6 dBiL
  • Connector Type N Female
  • Read Range Far Field
  • Frequency Range UHF
  • Environment Outdoor
  • Form Factor General Purpose
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Zebra ZT410 - Printer

Get more done with a rugged printers designed for labeling, tracking, ticketing and more. The ZT410 offers tons of options, and easily integrates into your ERP system...
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Motorola MC3190Z

The MC3190-Z is a business-class handheld RFID reader designed specifically to extend the benefits of RFID beyond industrial spaces and into customer-facing and business environments. It starts with the signature rugged design and high performance that Motorola industrial handhelds are known for, and adds an advanced, high efficiency Zebra RFID reader engine for faster read rates and higher throughput. Add a groundbreaking new antenna design that drives RFID performance to new heights and the result is a highly versatile device that is at home in customer-facing environments—from retail stores and healthcare facilities to the business office.
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Intermec RFID Tags

Ideal for Product Identification and Asset Tracking Intermec's flexible RFID Smart Labels and tags provide a versatile architecture that can be used in open or closed loop environments. Thermal transfer or direct thermal printing and chip encoding enable on demand generation of durable RFID labels and tags that can be deployed with confidence to meet a broad range of customer requirements...

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