Intermec RFID Smart Labels

Typical Applications
  • Compliance
  • DoD
  • Inventory Management
  • Asset tracking
  • Consumer goods distribution
  • Document and record tracking

Intermec's flexible RFID Smart Labels and tags provide an versatile architecture that can be used in open or closed loop environments.
Thermal transfer or direct thermal printing and chip encoding enable on demand generation of durable RFID labels and tags that can be deployed with confidence to meet a broad range of customer requirements.

Alien ALN-9610 Squig Inlay

  • Apparel, hang tags
  • Corrugate cases
  • Small package labels
  • Asset management
  • Shipping labels

Alien ALN-9654-FWRW RFID Tag

The Alien Technology "G" delivers ultra-high, "best-of-breed" performance. It is especially well-suited for challenging materials with high-dielectric properties, such as plastic and glass (hence the "G" nickname)

Intermec IT75 RFID Tag

  1. General
    • Packaged Quantity: 1
    • Width: 4.4 in
    • Depth: 0.2 in
    • Height: 0.9 in
    • Manufacturer: Intermec

  2. Environmental Parameters
    • Min operating temperature: -40°F
    • Max operating temperature: 180°F

Intermec IT67 RFID Tag

  • Intermec"s rugged IT67 Enterprise LT Tag is the first in the industry, designed to provide both edge and normal performance for enhanced portal and forklift RFID applications. With a range of up to 26 ft., the IT67 is suitable for harsh environments and meets global standards.

  • The Intermec IT67 is also known as the Intermec Technologies IT67

Alien 2×2 Inlay (ALN-9634)

Features and Benefits
  • Physically large
  • A large square form-factor tag whose size enables greater performance
  • Multiple frequency optimized sensitivity
  • Optimized for high performance in all world regions

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