The CW408 printer is a compact, easy to install and user-friendly printer designed to fulfill all your ticketing and labeling needs.

Packed with many useful features you can leverage, the CW408 printer is the printer for any business looking to boost their operational efficiency (such as temporary reception & exhibition areas, ticketing, kiosks, etc) and drive business growth.

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Features :


  • Zero Label wastage - Automatic paper feed function: Enables printing from first label
  • Compact & space-saving design - CW408 takes up 30% less space (compared to conventional compact 4-inch printers).
  • Organic EL display – Energy-saving and allows you to read letters on the screen clearly, even in dark places!
  • High print speed – Maximum print speed of 6ips helps you achieve efficiency and saves printing time.

Applications :


    Commonly used for :
  • Ticketing Kiosk & Booth
  • Coupon Printing
  • Receipt Printing
  • Shelf & Inventory labeling
  • Shipping & receiving labeling
  • Postal & Mailing

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