CipherLab 1070

The CipherLab 1070 offers an affordable solution to help businesses streamline workflow and boost efficiency on shop floors and at checkout stands. Lightweight and ergonomic, this CCD contact scanner fits nicely in your grip and with any retail settings.

Together with 3-year warranty, the 1070 ensures long-lasting performance with a significantly lowered total cost of ownership, as well as a high return on investment for any retail business.

CipherLab 1090+

Fast, easy, and accurate scanning of up to 90 mm wide barcodes, combined with incredible reliability, low cost, and a 5-year warranty make the 1090+ a valuable tool.

This scanner's wider field enables greater flexibility with labels. It puts more productivity into checkout lines, shop floors, and documentation centers, by accelerating processes and eliminating scanning errors reading barcodes printed too closely or at low quality.

The 1090+ integrates flexibility, reliability, and value in a tool that's comfortable and laser-free safe to use all day long.

CipherLab 1100

Enable workers to do more while you spend less with safe, reliable linear imaging scanners. The 1100 offers flexibility and reliability with low cost of ownership. Choose the best scanner for your operations.

The 1100 uses a 3648-pixel imager and can scan 3 mil barcodes as well as 30% PCS. It offers scanning of multiple symbologies in a single tool and is built for continuous use in demanding environments. You get quality and reliability backed by a 5-year warranty.

CipherLab 1105

Read multiple symbologies with a rugged, reliable linear imaging 1105 scanner. The 1105 uses a 2048-pixel imager and can scan 4 mil barcodes as well as 30% PCS. With laser-free safety and durability, the 1105 is built for continuous scanning even in challenging environments. Backed with a 5-year warranty, the 1105 offers reliable quality with low total cost of ownership.

CipherLab 1502

Lightweight and ergonomic, this handheld laser barcode scanner enables workers to capture critical data from 2 to 57 cm away quickly, accurately, and comfortably shift after shift in any work environment of retail, healthcare and public sector. Together with its build test-proven to survive 1.2 m drops onto concrete and 3-year warranty (engine 1 year), the 1502 makes one reliable and valuable choice for laser scanning.

CipherLab 1500P

Maximize productivity and performance with the fast, reliable 1500P handheld linear barcode scanner. The 1500P offers accuracy and efficiency with the reliability of no moving parts for low cost of ownership.

Delivering a snappy 520 decodes/second, the 1500P's 2500-pixel optical scanner reads multiple symbologies in a single tool and provides auto-sense scanning.

A large LED and adjustable tone signal instant scan recognition to speed workflow which is ideal for retail, healthcare and public sector. CipherLab quality and reliability are backed by a 5-year warranty.

CipherLab 1500H

1500H series handheld barcode scanner, with antimicrobial treatment and disinfectant-friendly housing, delivers high work efficiency while fighting bacteria. The decode rate of linear imager option is up to 200 times per second and can read high density 1D barcodes at 3 mil resolution which is quite useful for applications in retail, healthcare and public sector.

The lightweight and ergonomic design of the 1500H series handheld scanner allows the user to render thousands of repetitive scans without fatigue. Even in dim lighting, the large LED light and adjustable buzzer confirms when a scan has been captured successfully to avoid duplicate scanning.

The 1500H series handheld scanner comes with an adjustable stand for three different uses: mounted on the wall, placed on a desk, or in a fixed position for hands-free scanning. Using ScanMaster software, users can easily edit data, configure symbology, and select a relevant interface. Offering snappy reading performance, the 1500H series is ideal for patient admittance identification, drug identification, and medical billing.

CipherLab 1560P

Increase productivity and accelerate workflow with the fast, dependable 1560P Bluetooth wireless handheld linear barcode scanner. Delivering a speedy 520 scans/second, the 1560P's 2500-pixel optical scanner reads multiple symbologies in a single tool, ensuring versatility that can meet all of your operational requirements, especially for the field of retail, healthcare and public sector.

Also need to capture data on the warehouse floor? No problem. The 1560P wireless scanners have a 90-meter line-of-sight range from the communication stand. When out of range, switch to batch mode and record over 30,000 scans. CipherLab quality and reliability are backed by a 3-year warranty.

CipherLab 1562

Enable workers to accomplish more with the agile, dependable 1562 Bluetooth wireless handheld laser barcode scanner. Built for long-lasting service, companies benefit from years of use and error-free data capture of critical information in the office or on the warehouse floor - all with a click of a trigger.

The 1562 BluetoothR wireless scanners have a 90-meter line-of-sight range from the communication stand. When out of range, switch to batch mode and record over 30,000 scans. CipherLab is the right choice for staying on top of the most detail-oriented operations.

CipherLab 1660

Cipherlab 1660 掌上掃描儀是CipherLab最便攜的解決方案,在一台掌上掃描儀中集成了您所需要的各種功能。1660BT掃描儀在一個甚至比移動電話更小的移動設備中集成了強大的掃描功能。內建BT可以為兼容BT的PDA、筆記本電腦以及其它各種BT設備提供即時數據掃描。只需一對AAA充電電池,它就可以 連續工作多個班次,而不會因充電而中斷工作。即使暫時離開BT覆蓋範圍,其板載的256K 內存也能保存數以百計的掃描結果,直至您再回到BT覆蓋範圍內。

CipherLab 1500

CipherLab公司最新推出了性能顯著的CipherLab 1500手持式紅光掃描器,專用於滿足零售、醫療保健和公共領域等市場的需求。

CipherLab 1500是一種符合人體工學的輕便產品,提供業界首例三向合一的腳架。該機架是一種特殊的通用創新設計,使得 CipherLab 1500可以安裝在牆上,放置在桌面上,或用作自動感應掃描,是收款台、生產線或其它高使用率環境的理想選擇。

解碼速度超快的CipherLab 1500是CipherLab公司的高價值線性圖像掃描器產品線中的最新成員,帶來了通過工作人員效率與準確性的提高而實現的高投資回報、控制在最低限度的修理與維護需求。它包含用於自定義掃描器配置的綜合軟件工具 ScanMaster,此工具不加收費用。

CipherLab 1166/1266

CipherLab 1166/1266的BT激光掃描儀可漫遊100米(328英尺)到工作和客戶需要的地方。即使超出BT範圍,它仍能批量採集和儲存數據或存入緩衝區,一旦返回範圍後即可上傳。

1166/1266的通信底座最多可與七款CipherLab BT掃描儀共享,令您的投資能夠發揮更大作用。1166/1266 BT激光掃描儀將給您帶來高效率和高附加值,適合零售、製造、倉儲和醫療保健業。

CipherLab 1000

CipherLab 1000 無論是在質量上或價格上,都是無可挑剔的。承襲CipherLab 1021的優良血統,CipherLab 1000提供了超優的質量,同時在功能上更進一步的強化,CipherLab 1000的纜線是經過一百萬次的彎折測試,使得纜線在保固期內的故障率趨近於0%,甚至耐用的壽命遠遠超過保固期。

此外為了方便客戶做不同的《可編程》 設定,我們也特別提供了設定軟件《ScanManager》,使您可以丟掉一本厚厚的使用手冊,而直接在計算機上設定參數再下載至CipherLab 1000

CipherLab 1504A

The 1504A corded 2D handheld barcode scanner combines versatility with speed and efficiency for a wide range of applications. Supporting both 1D and 2D barcodes, the 1504A reads high density 1D barcodes as small as 3 mil and 2D barcodes commonly printed on medicine packaging.

The option of autosense scanning adds extra convenience and comfort for workers handling intensive scanning tasks. Full featured and fast, the 1504A is the best choice for retail, pharmaceutical, and post office settings.

CipherLab 1564A

CipherLab's 1564A wireless Bluetooth handheld 2D barcode scanner offers enhanced data capture to streamline everyday processes in retail, medical, and postal environments.

The 1564A is able to read high density 1D barcodes at 3 mil resolution and 2D barcodes. It connects with the communication stand from a Bluetooth range of 90 meters (295 feet) away, enabling workers to get more done in more places.

The option of hands-free scanning boosts efficiency, particularly in retail environments. Capable of Bluetooth transmission, the 1564A ensures the capture of critical information anytime, anywhere.

CipherLab 1600

Being pocket-sized, the 1600 series is designed to meet the scanning needs in healthcare, field sales and field service. With the reader options of linear imager, laser, and 2D imager, it can effectively capture data from high density barcodes up to 3 mil resolution.

Running on AAA batteries, or a rechargeable Li-ion battery, the 1600 series can operate all day long to work across shifts and increase productivity. While it can also function as a memory scanner holding up to 240,000 scans, the Bluetooth connectivity enables instantaneous data transmission to Smartphones and PDAs, keeping your back-end system updated.

CipherLab 1600H

With its compact size and antimicrobial protection, CipherLab 1600H is ideal for the barcode scanning needs of the healthcare applications. It has blended antimicrobial materials within the design to reduce bacteria growth.

It includes the advantage of reading 1D and 2D barcodes, ensuring the right information gets captured. Storing up to 240,000 barcode scans, it can also transfer data swiftly to any Bluetooth device.

The 1600H has easy power management translating to long operation hours, lasting past shifts to increase productivity. With the 1600H, the effective results are evident.

CipherLab 1704

The 1704 2D scanner is CipherLab's rugged solution for manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and any application where versatility and reliability are critical. Built to IP54 specifications, the 1704 withstands repeated drops from 1.8 meters.

The integrated 1.3-megapixel imager captures images as well as 1D and 2D codes, an option allows capture of up to A4-size documents.

Three modes of alerts give visual, auditory or tactile confirmation of successful capture, all contained in an ergonomic form factor that eases repetitive tasks.

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